Time to think about holiday reading.

We have lots of new books ready to go for the holiday break and don’t forget you can borrow ebooks and eaudiobooks as well. If you need any help with setting this up just ask a librarian.

Welcome to 2020 in the library

Why not start the year by downloading the Wheelers e-plaform app and borrowing an e-book to read or listening to an e-audiobook.

Here are some helpful videos to get you started


How to download an audiobook so you can read it offline.

How to preview


How to change background colour, font style and font size, and line spacing.





Bayfield Reading Challenge


For the very first time Bayfield is running a reading challenge. Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to read a minimum of 5 books and a maximum of 10 and complete a small task related to each one. All completed entries will go in a prize draw which will be drawn at the conclusion of Library Week September 20th. The more books you read the more entries you will have in the draw. Collect your booklet at the library and get reading.

Entries close Friday 20th September


How it works

Complete at least 5 of these reading challenges to be in the prize draw. Each additional book over 5 gives you another entry in the draw.

Choose one task from the list of 10 to answer for each challenge. You can only use a task once.


Challenge Tasks

  1. Favourite quote
  2. New word
  3. Something you have learnt
  4. Favourite character
  5. Next book in the series
  6. What age group would you recommend this book for?

7. Have you seen the movie. Which was better book or movie?

  1. When and where does the story take place?

9. What is the mood of the book? (e.g. scary, happy, sad)

10. Give the title of a similar book you have read.


1. First book in a series



Task answer:

2. A book made into a movie.



Task answer:

3. An e-book from our collection



Task answer:

4. A book that is a true story



Task answer:

5. A graphic novel



Task answer:

6. A book by a New Zealand author



Task answer:

7. A book recommended by someone else



Task answer:

8. A book to learn a new skill.



Task Answer:

9. A book of your choice



Task answer:

10. A book with a one word title



Task answer:

Hand completed booklets in to the library.

New Book Display

Congratulations to Phoebe Whittam Year 12 who has completed her 3rd and final Student librarians skills booklet. Phoebe’s last task was to create a display for the library. Check it out.       Any of these  titles can be issued or reserved




Welcome to 2019

So far in the library this term we have had displays about books that had been popular over the summer break with students and staff and one on Faction: fiction books that have been based on an actual event.

We have just changed the displays for March. And have examples of  Year 9 textiles technology work on footwear designs that mimic the natural world, and a selection of books that you may need a box of tissues handy when you read them as they are are real tearjerkers.









We have just celebrated another successful Library Week. Results are up and prizes are being given out

Some of the major prizes


Library Week

is coming

Week 8

10th – 14th September.

Competition One

Bring out your inner poet by creating a Blackout Poem

Steps to creating a blackout poem.

  1. Select a page from an old book, magazine or newspaper. (available at library)
  2. Find a word that pops off the page then look for other words to go with it to form a thought or an idea.
  3. Use single words, parts of words or small phrases.
  4. Look for words that make you feel an emotion: hope, love, anger, despair.
  5. Grab a pencil and underline or put a box around the word/words you want.
  6. Once you are happy with your poem take a permanent marker and outline your words carefully.
  7. Blackout the rest of the page so only your poem remains,
  8. Be as creative as you like with this process.
  9. Hand your poem in with an entry form by Thursday 6th September.
  10. Good Luck.

Watch these videos to get some inspiration then collect some pages from withdrawn books from the circulation desk and have a go. Don’t forget to fill out an entry form and attach it to your poem.

Entries close Friday 7th September so they can be judged in time for Library Week.


You could get really creative

Competition Two:

With Steven Adams in Dunedin to participate in a basketball camp we took the opportunity to make a life size cutout and encourage our students to see how they measured up against his 2.13 metre height.



Term 3 2018




Now that the weather has turned colder we have put up our winter display.” Escape the cold with a great read”  We are selecting our books from a list put out by the American School Library Journal  SLJ’S Top 100 must have YA books.

We have just started a subscription for Wheeler audiobooks so now as well as physical books  you have the opportunity to not only borrow e-books but also audiobooks.  The link is: https://bayfieldhigh.wheelers.co    and you use your school username and password. It’s not long until the holidays so make sure you have a good book to read.

Term 2 Week 8

We have just taken delivery of new chairs for the upstairs computer pod. They look great and hopefully will be more confortable for the students.We are avidly watching the progress of the FIFA World Cup and have put up a  display of soccer related books to accompany the score sheet.







Term 2 2018

As there is a real feel of autumn in the air we have reflected this in our latest book display:

“leaf through a good book this autumn” 











Now that the weather is turning colder the puzzle table is a popular place at lunch time. These are the most recently completed jigsaw puzzles.

We have recently added a range of Te Reo Maori resources which are all available for issue. Come and check them out.



Welcome to Term 1 2018

Our first display for the year is a celerbration of Chinese New Year. We have had a great response to our request for new student librarians and they have started their training. We have started compiling lists of resources we would like to add to our collection and the first book orders have been placed. We have on display a new selection of magazines of interest to teens and students can vote for any they think it would be good to subscribe to. Once the results are in we will decide how many new ones we can add.

All Year 9’s have had their library orientation sessions and we are now exploring using the fiction section in their library times.


Library Week competition  results

The students really enjoyed the challenge of immersing themselves in a book cover. Our judge was Ms Darling and here are the winners:

Most seamless

Best face


Most creative


Best body morphing


Student vote Runner up


Student vote winner


Blackout Poetry

We had some very creative entries. Ms Powell judged our poems. Congratulations to our winners.

1st place River Y9


2= Simonay Y13












2= Rory Y9











Term 3 2017

This term we have introduced two new promotions.

Free Book Friday on the last Friday of each month we will be giving away a book. Any students who would like to own this book can fill out an entry form and post it in the box to go in the draw.

Books into Movies: You can now look on the WEOPAC (library catalogue) under Reading Lists to see  the books we have in our library that have been made into TV series or movies.

Keep warm this winter get into the kitchen and cook.

Term 2 2017

This term our students are being encouraged to keep warm by getting creative in the kitchen. Wonderwall has been challenging students to think about why some species of migrating birds fly in a V formation and what the collective noun for a group of tigers is?

We have been  having fun with our counter display choosing book based on the colour of their cover . Here is our current one “These books blue us away”

With the colder weather our puzzle table has been very popular. The students were particularly proud when they completed this puzzle.

Term 1 2017

This term we are celebrating the freedom to read. In many countries for a variety of reasons many books that we have in our library have been challenged or banned, usually only temporarily.

We have also put up our annual ANZAC display in remembrance of all  New Zealanders killed in war and in honour of all returned servicemen and women.

Some of our entries in this year’s Book Spine Poetry Competition

DSC07696At the end of term 2 we put up our winter display hoping that in the next few weeks we might see some snow on the hills of Dunedin and we did!!.

We have had lots of prospective families come through the library during Open Night and we have just celebrated a very successful Library Week.

To help get us in the Olympic mood we now have up our Olympics display with a medal totals board which we are updating daily.


This  year marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. Countries all over the world are marking this anniversary with special exhibitions and productions of his work. Here in the library we have a display highlighting some of the books we have relating to Shakespeare. We have also compiled some information about the wealth of words and phrases that either originated with Shakespeare of were made popular by him.Reading challenge Zine webpage version